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BrowserKey Overview

BrowserKey is a patent pending "Network Client-Device Identification/Authentication Security Technology" intended for server administrators who require absolute control over the access rights of client-devices (a personal computer or personal digital assistant (PDA) for instance) connecting to their server(s) and/or client-devices accessing specific content being delivered by their server(s) in a network environment.

Existing network authentication security solutions perform only "user authentication" (for instance, traditional static and dynamic username/password log-in, user key generators/calculators, software tokens, hardware dongles, and the like). The problem with user authentication is that this type of security relies on the end-user's desire to keep his/her login information (username/password) or method (user key, token, dongle, etc.) to themselves. If the user elects to share his/her login information or method, or his/her login information or method is stolen, unauthorized user(s) possessing this login information or method can easily access "secured" information residing on a server using an unauthorized client-device, breaching security.

BrowserKey prevents this type of security breach from occurring.  BrowserKey performs "client-device authentication" rather than "user authentication". It limits access to secured information residing on a server, and/or access to the server itself, to an authorized client-device(s) rather than to a specific user(s). Using BrowserKey technology, only authorized client-devices can access secured information on the server. Thus users using unauthorized client-devices do not present a security threat.

BrowserKey secure authentication technology is ideally suited to be used by web site designers/developers/owners, and web server administrators having Internet or Intranet web pages and/or web sites requiring total control over access to web pages, web servers and/or web services. It excels as a strong security layer protecting subscription-type web sites, sensitive web sites, and Intranets that allow remote access by telecommuters and travelers.  Let's face it, sharable usernames and passwords often don't cut-it.

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